Genge & Thoma AG - joysticks & sensors - everything well handled for more than 50 years
Genge & Thoma AG has been developing and producing high-quality linear transducers and rotary potentiometers as well as compact and precise joysticks for various industrial applications since 1958. We offer an innovative range of products and a broad spectrum of services to solvecustomer-specific problems. In order to provide tailor-made solutions, we are constantly optimising function, quality, price, time and information. After all, your satisfaction is our goal.
History of the company
1958 Formation of a sole proprietorship business by Jürg Genge in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. The company successfully produces rotary potentiometers with wire wound resistance elements.
1980 Follow-up arrangement by Alfred Thoma. Jürg Genge remains in the company.
1981 Formation of Genge & Thoma AG and purchase of the property in Lengnau BE, Switzerland. Conductive plastics (CP) are introduced under the management of Alfred Thoma. Linear transducers and joysticks are added to the product range.
2006 Takeover of all Genge & Thoma AG shares by the Grete family. Alex Grete assumes the strategic and operative management. 2008 Development of our BS marine controllers for the naval industry. An azimuth controller, a tiller controller and an engine controller based on Hall Effect technology are assembled. The great advantage is, that this line of products doesn't have any installation depth and may be mounted directly onto the panel. 2010 The first fully integrated CAN interface on a joystick is introduced. 2011 The SK80 is introduced to the market as our heavy duty model. The SK80 also comes without any installation depth and can be equipped with different handles and  interfaces. 2012 Introduction of the SK315 joystick series. Equipped with Hall effect sensors the SK315 joysticks perfectly complement one another in their functions and offer an exclusive yet practical design.
2013 Development of a 4 channel joystick with 4 galvanically separated sensors to control, accelerate and slowdown a  normal car.
2015 I/O Link is introduced integrated in a joystick.


Marine controller