Founded in 1961, Fritz Hartmann Gerätebau KG has expanded into the current Hartmann Codier GmbH. It was acquired by the Swiss company Phoenix Mecano AG in 1985 and opened the international market for Hartmann Codier GmbH, introducing overseas distribution channels. Hartmann Codier GmbH now has more than 40 countries in the world.

Development and product structure

As a producer of rotary encoder switches and microswitches, we have the ability to develop and manufacture our products on our own. Our development department specializes in developing switches and developing product structures that combine design, production and ideas. Thanks to our superior product knowledge, we are able to develop standard and customized project originals with the simple requirements of our customers.

Mold making

My desperate mold making department is one of the contributors to the production of high-quality rotary code switches. Not only does it develop new production molds, but it also provides repair and maintenance work for the molds that are currently in use. The flexibility is more helpful to our customers. Project product program.

Precision injection

We are not only good at general injection molding technology, such as PA66, POM, PPO, PBT, ABS and PC applications, but also good at high temperature injection molding technology, such as LCP, PPS and SPS. Some need absolute precision hardware and need automatic detection. The production of lead frames, etc., is within the scope of our technology. Through the modern CAQ quality control system of our mold making department, technicians constantly focus on measuring injection molded parts to ensure that each injection molded part meets the requirements of precision and high quality.

Continuous assembly

We supply millions of products every year to the global electronics industry. Automated inspection is one of our automated and semi-automated processes to ensure that every product functions properly.


In the production process, products that require cleaning will use ultrasonic and laser as suitable cleaning tools. We use ultrasonic to connect and seal the plastic parts, we have done a great job and are well-known throughout the world. Marks printed using laser technology are more resistant to corrosion.


HARTMANN's extensive experience over the years has laid a solid foundation for the innovation of future high-tech products and the provision of ancillary services. Outstanding in the field of electronic components and electrical technology with outstanding production technology and high quality, customers are located in major manufacturing companies and professional fields all over the world. HARTMANN, the brand of the Phoenix Mecano Group, has been developing and manufacturing various electronic components and supporting services for many years. HARTMANN products are fully compliant with RoHS/WEEE international environmental standards and do not contain or contain six toxic heavy metals. HARTMANN products range from rotary encoder switches to slide switches, microswitches, chip encoder switches, and micro data input devices.