APEM, Global Human Machine Interface Specialist
          Since its founding in 1952, APEM has grown to become the world's leading human-machine interface specialist. With a sales network covering 11 countries and 130 distributors and agents, it has established production plants in Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Asia. The APEM export market has completed its 67% turnover.
         APEM's professional switch products span multiple market segments including instrumentation, medical, communications, industrial automation, aerospace, defense and transportation. APEM provides professional services to more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

company's history

In 1952, APEM was founded in Montpezat (Toulouse) in Quercy, France, to manufacture industrial switches.
In 1976, APEM began to implement its international development strategy and successfully established four branches in Europe.
In 1984, to further expand its product range, APEM opened a new plant for the production of custom control panels.
In 1991, based on the North American market, APEM acquired American Switch Corp. in Boston, USA, and established its subsidiary APEM COMPONENTS Inc.
From 1998 to 2000, APEM successively acquired some companies with obvious advantages in business and technology:
- Denmark MEC, a manufacturer of high performance PCB tact switches
- Abe (Wujin) Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Wujin, Changzhou, near Shanghai, to expand the APEM Pacific Rim market
- US UNIFAB to further expand the custom control panel market
In 2000, the Mexican branch of APEM Mexico was formally established.
In 2002, the Italian branch APEM Italia was founded to produce stainless steel keyboards.
In 2005, APEM acquired the UK OLIVER CONTROL SYSTEMS Ltd., thereby expanding the market for panel mounted industrial joysticks.
In 2008, he acquired CH Products, the leading manufacturer of joysticks, trackballs and simulation controls in the United States.