Taiwan Meiqi Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and manufacture of components such as switches and sockets. Leading the market leader with leading technology and strong R&D team.

1979 Established Taiwan Meiqi Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. with MISAKI of Japan

In 1988, the company and the factory officially moved into the newly purchased building, namely the Taiwan factory.

1989 Established Majestic Electronics (M) Co., Ltd. in Penang, Malaysia

1994 Established Meijiaqi Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in Longhua Town, Shenzhen, China.

1996 ISO 9002 certified

1998 Invested in the establishment of Yulian Precision Industry Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of various precision plastic molding parts.

2001 ISO 14001 certified

2002 Established Shanghai Huadong Plant in Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

Authorized German agent in 2004

2007 North American office established

2008 Obtained TS-16949, QC080000 certification

2013 Taiwan Dazhu Factory was completed and officially opened (specialized for Taiwan outsourcing manufacturers)

2014 China Huizhou factory was completed and officially opened. It is the main production base for South China.

So far, with the rapid development of electronic products, the company has not dared to slack off, and strive to develop more excellent products, in addition to maintaining high growth, high quality and high evaluation in the field of various switches, it will extend the reach. To modular products, combined with other parts, widely used in consumer electronics, home entertainment products, mobile communications products, automotive electronics, medical equipment products, is well received by customers.

We don't have a false packaging outsourcing, but we have the three insistences of providing reliable quality, technological innovation and service satisfaction. Choosing Majestic will be your reliable partner and competitive partner.