Founded in 1972, SALECOM Enterprise Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of various types of switches, including rocker switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, slide switches, dip switches, and touch switches. Based on professional manufacturing experience over the past 30 years, SALECOM offers a wide range of products to the world's leading brands.

Company principle
Quality improvement, customer satisfaction and continuous innovation are the consistent adherence of SALECOM. In order to meet customer needs and adapt to market trends, we have been committed to research and development of technology, and we are constantly moving towards more sophisticated and micro-switch products. Get rid of the competition of traditional products and make the product line more complete to expand market share. We have also invested a considerable amount of money in the latest automatic and semi-automated production equipment, so we have a strong and stable production capacity, which can provide customers with reliable quality, fast delivery and more competitive prices.

ISO 9001..2000 quality certification
SALECOM has passed the ISO 9001..2000 quality management system certification, and most of the products have obtained international certifications such as UL, CSA and CQC, and the waterproof series switches have reached IP67 level and passed TUV certification. Currently actively promoting ISO 14000, it is planned to obtain a certificate in 2005, in order to provide customers with the best products and best services.

Business philosophy
The switch itself is the hub of the product. A good finished product often causes customers to lose confidence in the entire product simply because of a small part--"switch" failure. Therefore, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "the quality of a switch is not good, not only the switch itself, but the higher value of the customer", and insists on providing the best quality to the customer.