The Danish mec was established in 1938 in Ballerup, Denmark, on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Since its opening in 1938, MEC has been known for its long life and fully sealed tactile switches. The three major series of products are multimec ® ; illumecTM and unimecTM vary from 10 million combinations based on three switch bases. Play the advantages of Danish molds and plastics.

Danish MEC waterproof panel tact switch, mainly used in instruments, meters, program-controlled switches, turnover stations, medical equipment, power systems, industrial automation control, intelligent transportation and other fields.

         In order to achieve the consistency of the quality of the manufactured products, MEC only produces the fully automatic production equipment in Denmark. From raw materials, assembly, testing and packaging, no manpower is used to eliminate the human error and affect the product quality.





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