Since 1909, RAFI has been producing and developing various electromechanical control switches, industrial tact switches, industrial control keyboards, indicator lights, etc. It has become a world-class manufacturer and user since 100 years. All over the world. The main target is high-tech technology products and equipment manufacturers..


     RAFI products are mainly in the categories of switches and buttons, human-machine interfaces, and communication systems.


     Lafite switch products are mainly used in: - PLC programming controller; cutting machine; steel plate twisting machine; bus; card terminal; charge and discharge device; program-controlled switch; CNC machine tool; printing machine; control cabinet; crane; Textile machine; spark machine; AC power supply; electrocardiograph; industrial control keyboard, etc.


     In this Chinese market, which is gradually pursuing high quality, high reliability and long life, the switch components using general performance can no longer satisfy the vast market of high-end products. Only the original switch with zero defects and zero return can improve the quality of your products. Immortal brand.

Buttons and switches

RAFI buttons and switches are ideal for use in industries such as machine building, signal systems and measurement and control technology. They are rugged, environmentally friendly and compact – with integrated interfaces. All product lines are one-piece buttons, ie the operating and control elements are connected in the housing and are not separable. In principle, the difference between a button and a switch lies in the different connection methods and mounting holes from 9.1mm to 22.3mm, but the LUMOTAST product range offers you a choice of more types of operators. Under the name "Other buttons", you can find our single series of products.

RAFIX series commander

The RAFIX commander is best suited for the electronics, machinery, equipment and automotive industries. Due to its robust construction, insensitivity to environmental influences, and the ability to provide large operation and display planes, it can be operated even with gloves.
The RAFIX product range is a modular combination: consisting of one operating element and one control element. Advantages: You only need to store individual components to be individually assembled like a modular system. Therefore, the possibility of combining production and terminal assembly is almost limitless. There is no unrealizable desire – even if there is, we will naturally provide you with a personalized solution.
n principle, the RAFIX product line differs in the depth of the installation, the connection method and the mounting diameter of 16.2mm to 30.3mm.

Emergency stop

At RAFI you can find the right emergency stop switch for your application. Whether it is big or small, round or square, pull or screw reset, strong or stylish, as long as you need everything. Always in good faith and quality first.

Signal light

We offer proven signal lights that are long lasting, energy efficient and maintenance free. In this way, the display of the operational status of your equipment, machine or vehicle is more reliable and secure. Therefore, the RAFI signal light is flexible, easy to install and high performance. RAFI offers you a wide range of signal lights from 5mm to 30.5mm. Whether it's round or square, whether flat, convex or raised – you're sure to find the right signal. In addition, if shape design and performance are equally important to you, then you will love our "Tilted Diamond" signal, which is the result of working with Luigi Colani. LED lights are mainly used in our signal lights because of the advantages of high quality and long life compared to conventional light bulbs. Other types of signal lights are also available in our LUMOTAST button products and in all RAFIX-instructor product lines.

Embedded button
Long range and short range
The difference between the RAFI embedded buttons is the size and operation of the specifications, so they can be flexibly changed and personalized according to your needs. Whether in the automotive industry or in your operating system, the outstanding features of the RAFI short and long range buttons are the precise feel and touch.

Heavy duty joystick

Our heavy duty joysticks are always used where they are really needed. Easy to operate even under the toughest conditions.




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