RAFI launches miniature buttons

RAFI launched the mini button MICON 5:

New installation of 5, 1 x 6, 4 mm RAFI touch buttons

RAFI GmbH & Co. KG, a company based in Ravensburg, has introduced a new generation of light touch buttons to the market. With a basic size of only 5,1 x 6,4 mm, the MICON 5 is the smallest product of all RAFI buttons and is in line with the miniaturization of electronic components. The new range of components is designed for use on the face of a membrane keyboard or under a keycap, such as automotive applications or measurement, control and regulation.
The new MICON 5 has a minimum size (minimum grid size of 5,72 x 7,95 mm) with very noticeable key stroke feedback. The button strength varies from 2, 7 and 6, 9 N depending on the type, so for every application, even for each button position, a perfect button feel can be formed. The MICON contact system is fitted with gold contacts and is fully closed. This ensures the highest reliability even in harsh environmental conditions. Depending on the selected button strength, the MICON 5 button has a service life of up to 250,000 to 1 million cycles. It can also be expanded by selecting a new material operating temperature range: – 40 °C to + 90 °C.
Because the MICON 5 button is used in most cases in combination with other components on a printed circuit board, the mounting height can be adjusted with a clip-on punch. A light guide key cap is used on the indicator button. MICON 5 is available in SMD-J or THT pin types and is available in device carrier tape (SMD type) or device carrier rail (pin type). RAFI can provide MICON 5 as a single component or integrate it into a customer-specific system.




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